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Professor Malin Falkenmark and Professor David Schindler

October 27, 2009


The Prize Jury’s Citation:
The Volvo Environment Prize for 1998 is awarded jointly to Professor Malin Falkenmark and Professor David Schindler for the outstanding work concerning the world’s freshwater which each of them has carried out independently. Professor Falkenmark has made a penetrating analysis of how complex systems of hydrological and ecological factors interact to control the freshwater available world-wide. Professor Schindler has contributed very insights in the proccesses of eutrification and acidification of freshwater and of ways to counteract these procecesses.

In spite of our critical dependence on water, we have used our rivers, lakes, and the sea as recipients for waste and sewage. This has resulted in severe pollution, which has been especially rapid during the last 100 years, when the cities have grown and we have introduced effective sewage systems in which we have poured diverse garbage and detergents. Also, fertilizers from farming have ended up in lakes and in the sea. The result has been eutrophication, i.e., nutrient overloading, of lakes and coastal waters.

The laureates have devoted their professional lives to working on issues linked to the important renewable resource, water. The significance of their work becomes greater every year, as the world water supply comes under ever increasing stress. The laureates have long recognized these threats, calling for environmentally sound action on water management.