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Dr. George M. Woodwell, 2001

November 4, 2009

2001_W copyThe 2001 Volvo Environment Prize was awarded to Dr.George M.Woodwell for his pre-eminent and pioneering work addressing questions of how the world works as a single biophysical system with relevance to man,and how to tailor human activities to environmental imperatives.He has been instrumental in forging abundant pathways between ecological research and public affairs. He has participated in the founding of a number of thriving institutions that continue to lead in today ’s world of science and policy.
At the same time,he has effectively promoted the environmental cause in political arenas, in the popular press and through other media and through a multiplicity of activities in NGOs.

The Prize Jury’s Citation:
The Volvo Environment Prize for 2001 is awarded to George M.Woodwell, a biologist of international distinction who was one of the earliest to recognize, understand,and point out remedies for several of the most important threats to the global environment from human activities well before his methods and conclusions became generally accepted. His pioneering scientific work on the negative impacts of persistent pesticides,ionizing radiations,and other human induced stresses,and of forest clearance on global warming,as well as his equally pathbreaking activities in science-based public policy development,the founding of two important environmental defence organizations and two celebrated ecosystem research institutes have been emulated worldwide.They mark him out as an outstanding scientist and policy analyst of great vision,courage,and determination,operating well before his time.