Volvo Environment Prize – 20 years of exploring the way to a sustainable world

The Volvo Environment Prize is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over the last 20 years it has become one of the scientific world’s most respected environmental prizes. Since the first award in 1990, the prize has gone to 36 people. Among them are many well-known names and three Nobel Prize winners. At this blog you will get the chance to learn more about the former Volvo Environment Laureates starting at the beginning in 1990 and finishing off with a chat with this year’s prize winner Dr. Susan Solomon as she receives the prize in Stockholm 4-6 November 2009.

The Prize

The Volvo Environment Prize is awarded for “Outstanding innovations or scientific discoveries which in broad terms fall within the environmental field”. The Volvo Environment Prize is awarded by an independent foundation, which was instituted in 1988. Laureates represent all fields of environmental and sustainability studies and initiatives.

The Volvo Environment Prize consists of a diploma, a glass sculpture and a cash award for SEK 1.5 million (approximately EUR 140 000 or USD 190 000)

Laureate of 2009 – delivering findings on ozone layer depletion and prominent on the UN climate panel

susan_solomon_winner2009Dr Susan Solomon is an outstanding atmospheric chemist and physicist, whose pioneering scientific contributions have had major impacts on crucial environmental policies.  Dr Solomon’s  early work was an important contribution to the scientific basis for the Montreal Protocol for the protection of the ozone layer, which led to a global ban on CFCs.

As co-chair of Working Group 1 of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) she was among the scientists who, together with the former Vice President Al Gore, were awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Her  current work, using improved atmosphere-ocean general circulation and earth system models, has shown that the carbon dioxide concentrations expected in the 21st century will lead to significant irreversible changes in the climate which will require even more concerted policy efforts than have been anticipated thus far.

The Volvo Environment Prize Foundation invites universities, research institutes, scientists and engineers as well as other individual and organizations to submit nominations for the Volvo Environment Prize.

The nomination process for the Volvo Environment Prize 2010 is now open. To be considered, nominations must be submitted before November 15, 2009 

Volvo Environment Prize:

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